About us

The Luhansk National Agrarian University is one of the oldest state educational institutions in Ukraine (1921) IV – the highest level of accreditation.

LNAU is a science of the XXI century, which is being mastered on modern equipment, it is educational cluster in which future highly skilled specialists are trained, it is a guarantee that after the graduation of the University you will get a perspective job.

The university has a long tradition at training of specialists for the agricultural sector. LNAU is the largest university center in the East of Ukraine, which includes research institutes, technical schools and colleges.

The University trains specialists at educational, educational-qualification levels such as: Bachelor, Bachelor (program with reduced term of study) and Master level.

The university cooperates with foreign universities and has experience of training citizens from more than 32 countries of the world.

Students are provided with hostels for recreation and leisure with equipped playgrounds nearby.